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Rush Capital Management is looking for talented workers who are interested in being a part of a modern, innovative, global and professional team. We are looking for smart people with the ability to find an effective solution and someone who is able to communicate their knowledge to our clients and customers. We believe in modern thinking, and that skills are based on experience and knowledge gathered through thinking.


We are looking for people who want to have international experience and can work with different types of clients and customers. We put the clients and customers need first, so our worker should be able to adapt quickly.

Since our clients and customers are based in different countries, the worker should be open for travel.

The ideal worker has some years’ experience or is interested in Business, economics, finance, marketing, PR, and sales. The worker should at least communicate in one Scandinavian language and English fluently. It would be a good thing if the worker can communicate in more languages especially Asia.

We are open for people with both work and professional experience and workers who also have bachelors or master’s degree.

Send your CV and Cover Letter to


 Tel NOR: 00 47 45 42 22 71




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