Business Development and Consulting

Rush Capital Management helps to create marketing, strategic plan and helps with innovative solutions that give the company a huge advantage in the market with help from experienced workers. The workers are from different areas like finance, consulting and have experience from well-known firms 

Management and Agent

With us, you get professional and reliable people who can engage in negotiations and administrative tasks for the athlete Rush Capital Management is registered at NFF (The Norwegian football association). We also represent athletes from various of sports and the athletes are known in their field and have several awards and medals

Financial advisory and guidance

Rush Capital Management offers financial advice and guidance for individuals and businesses in fields such as debt negotiations, investment, loan, renegotiation, real estate and other investments. The customer will be a part of the steps and understand and learn skills that will be valuable for them in the future and build a stronger fundamental


 Tel NOR: 00 47 45 42 22 71




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